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The James Caudill Story


The story of James Caudill did not begin on October 15th, 2012. However his life and the lives of his friends and family were changed by what happened that night.

It all began after James watched an episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC with friends. James wasn’t quite ready for bed and began looking for something to occupy his time. It was a wet, cold mountain night in Athens, WV, not the kind of evening you spend outside. Pray4James-smallHowever James was never one to let the weather hamper his plans. He grabbed his longboard and headed out to pass some time. Longboarding was one of the more recent hobbies James had undertaken, a form of skateboarding on longer, wider skateboards that allow the user to gain more speed. James made his way to campus and was longboarding in the early morning hours of Monday October 15th.Unfortunately, James had decided to go longboarding without a helmet.JamesPhoto

Very little is known about what happened next. What we do know is that James was found on campus, on a very large hill, with a severe injury to his head. James was immediately taken to the local hospital where he was stabilized and prepared for transport. Due to the weather he was unable to be transported via helicopter. He was taken via ambulance to the nearest level 1 trauma center in Roanoke, Va. There he received life-saving surgery to relieve the mounting pressure in his skull. The next weeks were touch and go as he remained in a coma and on life support. After nearly a month in ICU James was released to an acute care hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. There he progressed from a comatose stage to being minimally conscious and responding to voices and stimulation. After 3 months and numerous complications and surgeries, James was moved to a transitional acute rehab unit  at WakeMed in Raleigh, NC. He remains there now as he and his Drs. work towards the goal of rehabilitation.

It has been nothing less than tragic for James’ family and friends to see him in his current condition. James lived an active lifestyle, enjoying the outdoors through mountain biking, skiing, white water rafting and just being in the mountains. He is now confined to his bed and unable to communicate while his brain recovers from this devastating injury. The outpouring of support from James’ friends, acquaintances, and the communities in Wilkes and West Virginia has been nothing less than amazing. The family has truly been comforted by the prayers lifted up on their behalf.

It was out of this support that the James F. Caudill Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation was born. It became quickly evident in the days following his injury that many people wanted to come alongside James and his family to support them. The foundation provides an avenue for those wishing to support James and other victims of traumatic brain injuries. It also allows the family to pass along a simple, yet powerful message: Wear a helmet. It is possible that this tragic result could have been avoided if James had simply worn a helmet. That’s why our motto at the C Foundation is simple, “Keep Your Head In The Game.” We thank you for your support.

The team at the C Foundation:

Joey Caudill


5 thoughts on “The James Caudill Story

  1. We remember James as a lively and inquisitive 3 year old that walked around the soccer field with Nick and our Doberman Pincher at Kenneth’s soccer practices.
    This tragedy has touched us deeply. You are in our prayers and that of our church at First Baptist NW.

  2. Sweet Caudill family you are in our thoughts and prayers. “I am the LORD , your GOD, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13 In His Love, Wayne and Beth Gray

  3. James, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My boyfriends sister was also in Wake Med last year with a TBI. She is still currently rehabbing but making progress daily. Know that you and your family are in the care of some of the most wonderful doctors and nurses I have ever met. I have seen first hand how hard TBI can be for family and friends and the individual. Keep faith and keep praying. Every day there will be new struggles but there will also be miracles along the way. God Bless you all.

  4. I am Alex Ryan ‘ s mother, one of the kids with whom James lived at the time of the accident. We have James in our prayers all the time and think about him and how he is doing! Please let him know Alex asked about him!

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